Homework Notes


First Grade Weekly Homework Calendar Sept 12-16

Return entire packet completed on Friday


Student Name __________________________________




Everyday- Read a book and record it on your book log


  • Monday- Phonics Book p. 23 and 24


  • Tuesday- Phonics Book p.25 and 26


  • Wednesday- Phonics Book p. 27


  • Thursday- Phonics Book p.28



* Monday- Home Links 2.1


* Tuesday- Home Links 2.2


  • Wednesday- Home Links 2.3


  • Thursday- Home Links 2.4





Write your sentences Monday-Thursday.

Please make sure to draw a picture and include a minimum of 1 sentence.


Here are some prompts to get you started:


Mon.- What did you do over the weekend?


Tues.-  What is a kindergarten memory you have?





*Gym is on Wednesday. 


*Please send lunch money for the week in a sealed envelope or baggie.


*Spelling tests are on Thursday.







Spelling words-not, hot, top, 

Vocabulary words (student should be able to tell you what these words mean)- memorize, haul, proud


Notes for the teacher: